Melody Lauer, known throughout the firearms community as Lima, has been working in the gun community for seven years. She started behind the gun counter selling firearms and as a range safety officer. She got her NRA Basic Pistol Instructor credentials in 2007 and has been training and competing in firearms ever since. Her passion for self defense and carry have led her to train outside of the realm of firearms to include hand-to-hand, knife, medical and fitness fields. Her journey through self defense inspires her to write about what she observes and learns. Her goals are to inspire, learn and share those lessons with others.

She's currently a handgun instructor with Central Iowa Defensive Training

There are one of three places people know Lima from:
YouTube page as Limalife.
Facebook page as Limatunes/Limalife.
As a moderator on, Limatunes.

The Self Defense Springpad.

If you really like to discuss firearms with other like-minded individuals check out A great discussion forum with some very good information.

Chances are if you see a "Lima" on other gun forums.. it's Melody. 

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