Monday, January 14, 2013

American History

In this time of political flux in the this country I've heard a lot of comments regarding our founding fathers and what they would do or think if they were here today. Both "sides of the aisle" (as it's popular to say) claim they would have the founding father's blessing in their actions.

I don't do politics. I am not a political person. I hate politics because they confuse me and because I can't get over the feeling that everyone in office is working far harder on deceiving me or at least hiding things from me than helping me. The inaccessibility of political figures makes it far worse. One cannot just go up to the white house, knock on the door and expect a sit down with the president or the vice president. The local level is not much better. Emails and letters are answered by impersonal form letters and aids if they are answered at all. The impersonal nature of politics breads distrust in me. And a relationship without trust is not successful.

There are also the scores of politicians who make no secret of the fact that they have an agenda despite what the people have expressed they want. Some have publicly said the Constitution stands in the way of things they would like to accomplish. That is alarming.

That is not to say that all politicians are bad. I know there are politicians out there who work tirelessly for the people and to defend their liberties. They are under-appreciated and deserve recognition for their effort in the fight to keep America true to itself. 

So when a politician says he believes he would have the backing of the founding fathers in their ideas for our country, how are you to know whether or not their claims are true?

I've chosen to start by finding out what the founding fathers had to say for themselves on issues.

In my recent quest to make up my own mind on certain topics I decided to start with the good, old-fashioned book, upgraded to the new e-reader addition.

I found myself on the Kindle Store downloading a dozen free books.

Common Sense by Thomas Paine

The Federalist Papers by Hamilton, Alexander, Jay, John, Madison, James

Even if you aren't interested in politics. These are good pieces to read if only for the purpose of learning about your own history and what the founding fathers wanted for this country and the struggles leading up to our declaration of independence and in forming a new, globally recognizable government. 

You may not think you are of a political mind or want anything to do with politics (like me) but as Hickok45 said, if you own a gun or you want to own a gun, you are involved. The first step to being involved is to be informed.

And don't forget the Jan 19 and Feb 8 State Capitol meets:

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  1. All of your book and document choices would be good to read and consider.
    Most politicians are only interested in protecting themselves as they know they aren't doing what they promised when elected.
    Most of the responses to my letters are simply form letters sent out and although they might mention my concern generally end up saying I will keep an eye on your concern without committing to agree or disagree.