Thursday, January 10, 2013

XX weeks of holsters

About 2 years ago I posted a video titled "Holster Pick and Book Suggestion" seen here:

In it you can see just a few of my holsters. Some of them have been sold or traded and new ones have been added. Including holsters that I am going to review in the future.

Anyone who have watched my holster reviews know that I am as thorough as possible. Because of that I am very careful to wear the holsters I review. Some holsters I have reviewed I have loved from the onset. Some I have not liked so much. Either way, I make sure I carry the holsters for as much time as I can before I film any reviews. I don't, however, always stick with one holster only for that time. Sometimes I switch holsters a few times a day because I want to change into a different outfit or am doing something I want to go back to tried-and-true method of carry for.

But as I was going through my holsters early this year, I decided I want to see if I can commit to sticking with one holster for one consecutive week at a time and how many weeks it would take me to get through all of my holsters.

In some cases it might mean I have to carry a different firearm than usual and I'm also curious as to how that is going to change things as well.

I think it will be a fun experiment for me. I will not only be forced to revisit what I like about certain holster systems but perhaps what I dislike as well.

So now I have to come up with a set of rules for myself:

Of course, as stated, the goal is to carry a firearm in a different holster system every week until I have gone through every single holster in my collection (provided, of course, that I still have a gun to go in said holster).

Rule #1 would be obvious: I can't go back to my standard mode of OWB carry just because. An exception to that rule would be if I were required to carry a specific way for a class.

Anyone else have any other rules for me? Let's here 'em.

While you guys are coming up with rules, I'll start inventory on my holster so see just how many weeks I'm looking at. 

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  1. I appreciate all of the reviews and maybe I am odd, butt... I always carry the same gun, except on extremely rare occasions. I own one holster for each gun. I always practice (once every two weeks) drawing and firing from that holster at the range. I do it until I think no more about pulling my gun and putting a round on target at 10 feet without using sights than I think about picking up a glass and taking a drink. In October, when a very large mean fighting Pitbull on steroids (That was in the process of eating our cat) surprised me and my 4 year old son. As we walked out the door my 4YO was behind me when he charged from less than 7 feet away on my right side all I thought was "have to shoot him." Everything else was autopilot. I don't remember drawing or aiming. One shot, dead center, dead right there with a 22LR. I feel years of repetition with the same gun and same carry method is what saved us from some very serious harm that day.