Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Collaberation and the Gun Community

I have a confession to make: I am lousy at working with people on certain things and sometimes I can be downright socially dumb.

I plow forward in my efforts to make a point or figure something out and I don't always remember to recognize those around me who help me with everything from inspiring posts, question, to answering my own questions and even helping out with research. I don't even always remember to acknowledge the people who ask me for help.

Today, as I read A Girl And Her Gun's post on how little bickering and fighting for dominance there is in the female "gun community." She's very right. The female gun community has been a place of support and help from every side. And while I have been on the receiving end of such support I realized that I have done blessed little to show just how supportive I feel towards others. I realized that I wasn't even subscribed to many blogs I read or the FB pages of people I converse with regularly and feel very fortunate to have met, conversed with and greatly benefited from knowing.

I would very much like to rectify this and expand my horizons to include even more sources of people that I can get behind and support and encourage and learn from and pass their information on to you so we can all benefit from knowing them.

There have been some great people (men and women) who have supported me and I would like to thank them publicly:

Kathy Jackson, the author of Cornered Cat. She was the first resource I was directed to when I started out almost seven years ago.
Greg Ellifritz, author of Active Response Training. The man is not only a goldmine of information but a patient and interactive individual who's always promptly and thoroughly answered my questions.
The Staff and membership of Defensive Carry and their support, patience and acceptance of me when I was just a young'un starting out.
Dr Ruthless who's been happy to point me in directions for unarmed self defense resources for younger girls.

Holster makers such as UBG, Crossbreed, Looper Law Enforcement, Remora, Galco, have subjected their products to me for testing and review... some of them are still in the process of being picked apart as well.  

Last, but not least, my own husband, JD, author over at Guns, Guns and More Gosh Darned Guns. He is a resource that I would be dead in the water without. His organization, memory and patient understanding are impeccable and he has all of my respect and admiration not only as a wife but as an individual looking for straight talk about gun issues.

And of course there are all of those who come along for the ride. I'm glad you're here! 

I know there are far more out there as well who have helped and supported me that I'm overlooking and for that I apologize.

I'm really hoping that this year can be a year that I branch out and get over my one-track-mindedness and branch out to others, working with them to continue to drive the interests of learning self defense further than it could ever be with just me sitting at the helm.

Thank you all!!

Let's get to work making an exciting 2013.

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